NoCap - Dismiss You [Official Audio]

  • Demon G
    Demon G

    What you know bout trapping to police come and get us

  • Substantial Content
    Substantial Content

    Can’t stop bumping this beat crayy 😭

  • horus tf
    horus tf

    I can see the pain no need to explain

  • shaquille paul
    shaquille paul

    catch him at the club we gon spray the hol line up .... no am not a barber 🔥

  • Espn Drip
    Espn Drip

    I'm from alabama bullet hit em then they all burn🤟🏿❤️

  • RichRecords RR
    RichRecords RR

    It's so hard for me to turn on you like i.need power sturm

  • Emil Wright
    Emil Wright

    It's so hard for me to turn on you like a nigga need power steering, forever ride w hear I just bought a bunch of carbons (Car Burn). Or even - "a nigga Need power steering ( Need for speed: Heat, and Carbon)

  • Tarxan94

    Free The Backend Child 🦅

  • Goat_ _rael
    Goat_ _rael

    why you so hard

  • display name
    display name


  • Stk Vonte
    Stk Vonte

    Foreva ride with heat...i juss bought a bunch of car burns (carbines)

  • Milkias Ressom
    Milkias Ressom

    Gsng shit

  • LifeonPluto!


  • Detrick Jordan
    Detrick Jordan

    Hardest outta mobile ON GOD 🔥🔥💯

  • Slay Dolla
    Slay Dolla


  • Zay Bandz
    Zay Bandz

    I’m from Alabama bullets hit em and they Auburn. this nigga is a goat 🤣

  • Jake Kreighbaum
    Jake Kreighbaum

    Daddy rap

  • Slime Baby
    Slime Baby

    Sick with it 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Chauncey Thompson
    Chauncey Thompson

    🔥🔥🔥🔥one of da realest

  • Ron

    Boy dis nigga is something else

  • Darks LW
    Darks LW

    Ay 3 NoCap mayn😞

  • Eli Abram
    Eli Abram

    Lil bro is fye

  • Forever Jkab
    Forever Jkab


  • Nonmiconosci NMC
    Nonmiconosci NMC

    Nocap still drop songs also in jail💪🏽🦅

  • Onewaybtw

    This needs to go on Spotify

  • Quit_Now93

    Man free no cap #thebackendchild 🦅

  • SosaDa'Vinci

    Only 1 million views smh people sleep fr

  • Nicolette 1q
    Nicolette 1q


  • Doh Ken
    Doh Ken

    251 S/O Orange Grove 2 BirdsVille!! #DaRawwRawwWay

  • Youknowmywork

    Rolex and sum scissors they tell to get they time cut🤯🤯🤯

  • Stk Vonte
    Stk Vonte

    What you kno bout trappin til dem police come n get you

  • A1

    free dat boy cap💯

  • Sabrina Eubanks
    Sabrina Eubanks


  • Lavonti cook
    Lavonti cook

    Free nocap

  • Trpk Valdo
    Trpk Valdo

    Free you

  • Hector Anthony Rodriguez
    Hector Anthony Rodriguez


  • Ashley Hibbert
    Ashley Hibbert

    Boy shooting like steph on every track 🔥

  • Devin Williams
    Devin Williams

    “Forever ride with heat i just bought a bunch of carbon (car burn)”

  • CamUpNxt

    we need rylo on this beat

  • YABOI eee
    YABOI eee

    I put this on repeat everyday

  • Fernando Arredondo
    Fernando Arredondo

    Free no cap

  • Itzjonathann


  • StatiK

    “Catch him at the club we gone spray the whole line up, no I’m not a barber”🔥🤫

    • StatiK

      @Craig Kannemeyer fax 🔥

    • Craig Kannemeyer
      Craig Kannemeyer

      I didn't even catch that one🤯🤯🤯

  • 10K Entertainment
    10K Entertainment

  • Lockdowndman

    free no cap like if u agree

  • That nigga Quinn
    That nigga Quinn

    I’m from Alabama bullets hit em then they all burn

  • Z nation
    Z nation

    Free da main bird 🦅

  • Cavarious Tennart
    Cavarious Tennart

    no cap in 1st place

  • Jermaine King
    Jermaine King

    I’m from Alabama where the bullets hit em and they all burn (Auburn)🔥🔥🔥 man this man kobe too hard bruh he don’t need no features

  • Jermaine King
    Jermaine King

    Free Kobe till kobe free😔💯

  • Monique Berry
    Monique Berry


  • parker strickland
    parker strickland


  • parker strickland
    parker strickland

    free the goat 🗣

  • Donnie Eaglin
    Donnie Eaglin

    Don’t try An band from yo city I’ll buy a crib right next to u 👑🍀💗💗 one love world 🍀💗💫


  • kriztina. sessionslive01
    kriztina. sessionslive01

    You started singing, and I got hooked already!

  • Alexis Owens
    Alexis Owens

    lil baby done trip out like fr 🔥🔥

  • Anthony Viera
    Anthony Viera

    drop dis on apple music please 🥺

  • Bry Bry
    Bry Bry


  • Spound Slime
    Spound Slime

    🦅 ♿️

  • Jay2shifty 祝
    Jay2shifty 祝

    Free cap 🤦🏽‍♂️🐾

  • Jared Rogers
    Jared Rogers

    I’m from Alabama, bullets hit em and they Auburn (all burn). It’s so hard for me to turn on you like a nigga need power steering🔥🔥

  • ganoy 03
    ganoy 03


  • Wahkee Blaster
    Wahkee Blaster

    1:00 BRUH...🔥🔥🔥 don't even come close to describing THAT!! Way past that into a whole different category! #Smoove 🎯🔫🔫🔫 I'm from Alabama bullets hit em and they AUBURN ! Excellent bar...that type of wordplay takes intellect to come up with that! This guy's got it


    No cap is so underrated compared to these goofy ass auto tune rappers

  • NeverBrokeAgain Rew
    NeverBrokeAgain Rew

    Yb needa hop on this bih😂

  • Montrell Jackson
    Montrell Jackson

    Put this Apple Music!!! 🔥🔥

  • Biggar Parker
    Biggar Parker

    On Apple?

  • Héritier _9
    Héritier _9

    Bruh that auburn line was hard asf

  • TooMuchFetty

    shit not on  music

  • MG Sam
    MG Sam

    Catch em at the club then we spray the whole line up... i ain talkin barber

  • Dramane Diop
    Dramane Diop

    Bro idc what no one says I want rylo and no cap together again

  • Montrell Jackson
    Montrell Jackson

    Free CAP this shit hard 🔥

  • Diaruis Turner
    Diaruis Turner

    It's hard to catch up with you rappers so we kill who close you🔥🔥🔥

    • Diaruis Turner
      Diaruis Turner

      @George Lincoln Rockwell thought it was honeykomb

    • George Lincoln Rockwell
      George Lincoln Rockwell

      Lil Durk diss

  • Bluyyy Man
    Bluyyy Man

    Leta goooo finally uppped dat bass g

  • Aj Cooley
    Aj Cooley

    Free nocap

  • Yo big homie
    Yo big homie

    Hard to catch up with you rappers so we kill what’s close to you 🤔

    • George Lincoln Rockwell
      George Lincoln Rockwell

      OTF diss

    • Da Twinz
      Da Twinz

      🕊😔 rip granny n PAPA comb

  • Jamarcus Gilchrist
    Jamarcus Gilchrist

    I’m from Alabama bullets him em then they Auburn 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • NorthsIde Baby
    NorthsIde Baby


  • L1L Mir
    L1L Mir

    Come on get it to a mill 🤷🏾‍♂️🔥🔥🔥

  • Malachi Matthews
    Malachi Matthews

    Drop on Apple Music

  • Aurora 630
    Aurora 630

    "Like a Rolex and some scissors niggas tell to get they time cut" 🔥

  • Jay Zino
    Jay Zino

    I’f you came from central cee snap watch his other stuff he’s so slept on

  • Nate Milli
    Nate Milli


  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    So hard 🔛🔝

  • Life with Leana
    Life with Leana

    When ya gonna put it on Apple Music

  • L1L Mir
    L1L Mir


  • AhmadNumbax1


  • Isaac Cardoza
    Isaac Cardoza

    Why isn’t this on Apple Music?

  • Aidan Hayworth
    Aidan Hayworth

    This might be the hardest song ever

    • Drew Johnson
      Drew Johnson

      @George Lincoln Rockwell he’s gonna go down as one of the greatest .. he’s just getting started he’s so underrated still though it’s crazy

    • Drew Johnson
      Drew Johnson

      @George Lincoln Rockwell I agree 100% but at least he signed to Youngboy I think that was the best move if any

    • George Lincoln Rockwell
      George Lincoln Rockwell

      @Drew Johnson I wish he wasn't signed to another rapper. He would be way bigger if he wasn't.

    • Drew Johnson
      Drew Johnson

      I agree and this didn’t even make the album which means it’s gonna be insane.. he just does it so effortlessly.. greatest rapper alive in my opinion

  • Lil Lamar
    Lil Lamar

  • Lil Lamar
    Lil Lamar

  • Lil Lamar
    Lil Lamar

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      Please don’t sell your soul.

  • Danari

    Like a Rolex and some scissors Niggas tell they get they time cut

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      Why doesn’t he use adlibs this song would be a little better with them still fire tho🔥🔥

  • Allboutchicken Ceo
    Allboutchicken Ceo

    It’s so hard 4 me to turn on u like a nigga need power steering 🤝

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

  • 2dahardway Kid
    2dahardway Kid

    This my shit

  • Youngin504 Forever
    Youngin504 Forever




  • Jay Oyvay
    Jay Oyvay