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NoCap - Ghana
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  • NoCap


    • Il Zyme lIヅ
      Il Zyme lIヅ

      album of da year???

    • Richard Resilas
      Richard Resilas

      Da Baby my

    • Kyeana Evans
      Kyeana Evans

      34 BABY wsp

    • Miguel Rodriquez
      Miguel Rodriquez

      I can relate with no cap sometimes I feel like he rapping about my life 🐐🔥💯💪

    • Nima GH
      Nima GH

      You got track for us Ghana .... I’m from Ghana , Africa

  • jeypeepsv1

    Like a dog in a vehicle get mad when I spill my lean on (car-pit 🐕 ) carpet 🔥

  • Rezdagoat

    This make me wanna count millions free cap 🤧

  • mark P
    mark P

    NoCap play on words go over my head every time.. I gotta listen 5x to get it . shawdy a beast

  • Derrick Johnson Jr
    Derrick Johnson Jr

    My nigga not a Trendy wtf he got a body fa

  • Jon Tate
    Jon Tate


  • Gideon d
    Gideon d


  • sheloves AV
    sheloves AV

    clippers the only thing that bowd his head . he won’t talk to god about it 🙇‍♂️ 💯

  • Samuel Esteban
    Samuel Esteban

    No cap

  • 2dahardway Kid
    2dahardway Kid

    Free no cap


    "imma drunk boxer i pour lean and my hawaiin in punch"

  • Sasa OTS
    Sasa OTS

    My 🇬🇭 👌🏽

  • Drew Johnson
    Drew Johnson

    Greatest rapper alive

  • Alex Marsh
    Alex Marsh

    "like a dog in a vehicle get mad when i spill my lean on the carpet (car- pet) car=vehicle dog=pet

    • Drew Johnson
      Drew Johnson

      Listened to this song at least 500 times and just picked that up lol wow cap is insane 🦅🔥

  • Alex Silva
    Alex Silva


  • Recotta Daniels
    Recotta Daniels

    Roddy ricch needa feature this 😳he’ll sound nice with him

  • Alexander Jones
    Alexander Jones

    No cap

  • Alexander Jones
    Alexander Jones


  • AceTheLegend 788
    AceTheLegend 788

    We need this video fr😤

  • Andrew Owusu-Agyei
    Andrew Owusu-Agyei

    Does anyone why he named this song ghana I’m from ghana btw

    • Drew Johnson
      Drew Johnson

      A lot of people from Ghana love his music

  • Shoe Nice
    Shoe Nice

    I went gold in my state just like da warriors

  • Bri

    what does he have against houston lol

    • CFN Grind
      CFN Grind


  • FynKuttaJo

    Damnn dis shii hard💯 Accra Ghanaian 💯🔥

  • Brendan Dowdy
    Brendan Dowdy

    Happy new year’s Cap🧢

  • Fabian Torres
    Fabian Torres

    Ghana my family

  • Gengezi Makanda
    Gengezi Makanda

    "I gotta a gunner out in Ghana" 🔥⚡

  • Quality EastSyde
    Quality EastSyde


  • Quality EastSyde
    Quality EastSyde


  • Quality EastSyde
    Quality EastSyde


  • Capx


  • FNO-_- Cartii
    FNO-_- Cartii

    He got this beat from a song called feelin like sticker by Li 9 it’s a underrated song so he stole da beat that’s crazy

  • FNO-_- Cartii
    FNO-_- Cartii

    I forgot the song this beat from

  • Chase Commenter
    Chase Commenter

    Mobile’s GOAT

  • Caelan Paige
    Caelan Paige

    i had a talk with God in a hellcat

  • Abraham Swartbooi
    Abraham Swartbooi

    2021 be the year rylo cap be icing out the pinacle

  • Khalil Thompson
    Khalil Thompson

    One of my favorite songs 🐐

  • Tracy Smith
    Tracy Smith

    He need to get off that co sign label bruh


    “Thought the smoke was old now the news there”🔥🔥🤯

  • Fredo Benji
    Fredo Benji

    I went gold in my state just like the warriors

  • Yung Blackie
    Yung Blackie


  • Lobos

    NoCap and his producers go crazy

    • No

      No this a IRbin beat but he changed it up a little

  • Travis

    "Like a dog in the car get mad when i spill my lean on car-pits"🥵🤒🔥🔥

  • Akeem Slugga
    Akeem Slugga

    I got a gunna out in Ghana 🇬🇭

  • Jonathan Sasser
    Jonathan Sasser


  • Chelsea Darku
    Chelsea Darku

    me to ghana

  • Prophetic Izzy
    Prophetic Izzy

    I be reading these quotes same time as cap saying it and it hit diffrent 💯🤣

  • Beauty A.
    Beauty A.

    Nocap should visit Ghana:)

  • Beauty A.
    Beauty A.

    where my Ghanaians 🇬🇭❤️

  • daniel!

    What I spent on codeiiiiiinnneeee I coulda bought a Richard Mille 🔥🔥

  • Carlos Sakyi
    Carlos Sakyi

    Motherland 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭

  • Xavier Shepard
    Xavier Shepard

    Old G soul young man got a 40 year old man soul. Og love bru Port city finest 45 north

  • G-LYF Entertainment
    G-LYF Entertainment

    No Cap is a legend

  • Random universe
    Random universe

    GHANA 🇬🇭 loves you

  • T̶C̶ T̶C̶ T̶C̶
    T̶C̶ T̶C̶ T̶C̶

    Da nigga not from here 😭💯💯🔥

  • ImJonky

    He underrated

  • Carl TV
    Carl TV

    This The One🎶

  • Diego Batista
    Diego Batista


  • TnH Skuss
    TnH Skuss

    Should’ve put Baby or Skooly on hea🔥..

  • NateWrld

    Need a music vid



  • Damnnn Dudee
    Damnnn Dudee

    Deluxe ? 🤔🙏🏽

  • J cartel
    J cartel my lil 2 song ep just dropped fucc with it💪🏾

  • J,a.y. Thugga
    J,a.y. Thugga

    Cap Cut from a diamond 💎 MIND ..

  • NightWhisper 35
    NightWhisper 35

    How has he not hit a mill on this song yet 😪

  • prodbynasty

    Like a dog in a vehicle 🚗 I get mad when I spill my lean on carpit 🐕

  • Kemarian Alexander
    Kemarian Alexander

    Hardest song cuh

  • Just Moe
    Just Moe

    How Does This Not Have 1 Million yet?!!

  • NBA GangLord
    NBA GangLord

    I never thought #NoCap knew Ghana, mad love🥰🙏🏾 Am from west Africa Ghana 🇬🇭

  • Xavier Shepard
    Xavier Shepard

    I want to go to Ghana now

  • Xavier Shepard
    Xavier Shepard

    All we do is trap and take baths. Dat way

  • Ivory Smith
    Ivory Smith

    The Bible says that we are all guilty of breaking the Ten Commandments of God (Romans @). As a result, we all deserve to go to Hell because none is righteous, no not one. (Romans @). But the good news is that you do not have to go to Hell (John @). Jesus Christ loves you so much that He died on the Cross for your sins and if you Repent of your sins and Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior then you will be saved (John @). Jesus is calling on all to repent and you know longer have to live in despair but in love, joy, and peace through Jesus Christ. Amen.

    • Arsenallover54


    • Tatum Ethicsoflxfe
      Tatum Ethicsoflxfe


    • Johnny Bands
      Johnny Bands


    • Baller boi
      Baller boi


  • tremonte isaac
    tremonte isaac

    I told her, I ain't come 2 make no promise. I got a ghana that ain't gunna!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

    • Tarxan94

      I got a gunner out in Ghana ***

  • Siah Harris
    Siah Harris

    7 years old that's me nocap

  • Legendary Chris
    Legendary Chris


  • Kevin Bonsu
    Kevin Bonsu

    Love from Ghana 🇬🇭🇬🇭

  • Amani Maombi
    Amani Maombi

    🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿 🇬🇭 🇬🇭 🇬🇭 🇬🇭 🇬🇭 🔥 Africa stand up

  • Sbongi Mkhize
    Sbongi Mkhize

    Shit hit different if you're African 🔥🔥🔥🔥🦅 shout out Ghana all west African countries y'all been through since Atlantic slave trade sending love from South Africa

  • Jose Barraza
    Jose Barraza

    “Like a dog in a vehicle get mad when I spill my lean on carpet. ran up my bands I’m still gon March it , it don’t matter the month .im a drunk boxer , I pour lean in my Hawaiian and punch”

  • Tay Baby
    Tay Baby

    Free Ghetto🗣💕

  • Jacob Ramirez
    Jacob Ramirez

    Drop a video mane


    Inna intro was dat his dad my boy said #freeghetto

  • Streetbillboards DJ GUMA!!!!!!
    Streetbillboards DJ GUMA!!!!!!


  • Mister Zav
    Mister Zav

    This Needs A Video I’ll Watch It 1Millions times No Bap 🚫🎓 #THEMOTHERLAND 🇬🇭 🇦🇴 🇨🇲 🇧🇮 🇩🇿 🇨🇩

  • Lil Bhasker
    Lil Bhasker

    We love you DON✊🏿Can’t wait for your appearance here after this pandemic🙏🏾❤️❤️❤️❤️😭

  • Kevon Lowks
    Kevon Lowks


  • Korey Fulton
    Korey Fulton

    clippers the only thing that bald (bowed) his head, he won’t talk to god about it 🤯

    • Dre Prods
      Dre Prods

      when they talk bout clippers they usually tb guns or blicking a mfka

    • Brandon Cohen
      Brandon Cohen

      He Was Saying like clipper guards

    • Josh Williams
      Josh Williams

      Can someone explain this I think I get it but I’m not sure.

  • ‘ NolimitQManeski
    ‘ NolimitQManeski

    s/o the real from there 🇬🇭🧡

  • dmoneyひ

    They day NoCap make a bad song ima fly away high

  • Jvsto

    Best song onda tape

  • Kid Dolla fanPage
    Kid Dolla fanPage

    It's All love from,Namibia Come to Africa Doctor🐐

  • F. Locko
    F. Locko

    I need a video to this!.🙇🏽‍♂️🔥

  • TaliUnique Games
    TaliUnique Games

    Ayeee my Homeland 🇬🇭❤️my beautiful country 🇬🇭❤️

  • Maybach 7wrld
    Maybach 7wrld


  • Yfn Hecta
    Yfn Hecta

    I went golden 🏆 In my state like the Warriors ⛹🏻‍♂️ no cap hard ash 🔥

  • Vigorous Uploading
    Vigorous Uploading

    Just stick to country music even though that's our genre too. 😂😂🤦🏿💯🤷🏾

  • GrizzleyWorld RP
    GrizzleyWorld RP

    Nocap has so many punchlines you can write a book nocap

  • Bishop 500
    Bishop 500

  • Nortey Dowuona
    Nortey Dowuona

    This fantastic and a beaut 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭

  • Jaron Singleton
    Jaron Singleton

    Just like a drive threw nigga yah i got my brawds n order🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • F. Locko
    F. Locko

    Whole vibe, love it.🔥