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NoCap - Golden Tears
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  • zEr0_ cappin
    zEr0_ cappin

    “Do not use a pencil, I’m so independent” because they call a pencil No. 2 😂😂🔥🔥

  • 我 小 他 在
    我 小 他 在


  • Kris Simmons
    Kris Simmons

    Is this on Apple Music on the Album it’s different

  • Tmm 4L
    Tmm 4L



    Free Cap🦅

  • Justin Carter
    Justin Carter

    RIP 18 VENO

  • Boi Jackson
    Boi Jackson

    My momma praying in the daytime, she hope her son(sun) don’t go down tonight!!🔥🔥

  • Imfromdasuburbs

    This the best song on the album fashoo


    "i hurd my idol went broke he is not my idol nomore"

  • Slime Ball
    Slime Ball

    I get in my feelings and get higher then a pigeon 🕊💊

  • Tyreke Jackson
    Tyreke Jackson

    Anybody know the other song that was put on this name

  • Roller Sk8ting Hall of Fame
    Roller Sk8ting Hall of Fame

    Camese Bedford praises God for no cap for this song ty you sir for expressing how I feel every day #growstl come to stl ambassador and perform I’ll come support u # nocap

  • Paper Chaser
    Paper Chaser

    It’s getting close to one million views

  • Percz

    Go tell I95 to react to dis song they missed it👈🏽👈🏽👈🏽‼️‼️‼️

  • Bri

    what does he have against houston

  • 1zay._

    Every time I listen to cap I catch another bar, " Im hopping out like a bunny thats if we ever collide" ( Bonnie and clyde) smfh he to hard

  • azprinc

    Did anybody download the album when it first came out ???? It was a completely different song and went perfect with the song before. When I updated my phone it changed to this😡 somebody tell me if I’m trippin

    • jared

      You not trippin🤣

  • LATE Nite Vibez
    LATE Nite Vibez

    Legend 🦅

  • Sosakaufman

    Bro is it just me or is this not the same golden tears that’s on Apple Music?

    • jared

      I swear bro I thought I was crazy

  • cjack 3
    cjack 3

    I can’t ride to this I’m in the streets in L.A

  • Original Smitt
    Original Smitt

    U Kno dat u need me , it’s hard to keep yo distance 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Original Smitt
    Original Smitt

    U not worried about a broad wen u have selections Da hurt an scars made ah nigga deadly 💔🔥🔥

  • NickNyc

    Still keep a rocket don’t care if I’m in Houston

  • TheRealAG _
    TheRealAG _

    “Do not use a pencil I’m so independent.” 💪🏾💯💯

  • OfficialMitchpeso

    Got some money it got strange

  • Jack J
    Jack J


  • MentallyXpressed

    what's wrong Armani Exchange?

  • GQuezo Frumda7
    GQuezo Frumda7


  • Dajuan Turner
    Dajuan Turner

    I just need the demon cry

  • AlexEBKひ

    Is it me or is this song glitched on Apple Music?

  • Kuxh Glo
    Kuxh Glo


  • Baller season gaming
    Baller season gaming

    This not the song he first released 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • LeonzoYT

    speed x1.05 lit

  • DJ Cirock
    DJ Cirock

    She was from Jamaica 🇯🇲

  • Adrian Sherman
    Adrian Sherman

    “i done died a 100 times, i came back back harder had to CEMENT (see me) all my life”🔥🔥

    • Adrian Sherman
      Adrian Sherman

      @Blakz Lab see men not see me*

    • Blakz Lab
      Blakz Lab

      Damn what does he mean by this bar?

  • Keyzrr

    Why is it 2 different golden tears?


    I can have the best day ever and this song will still change my mood

  • Fernan Woodson
    Fernan Woodson

    Best nocap song this shit touch my soul i cant get it outa my head alabama goin up

  • Tay Dinero
    Tay Dinero

    Idk what y’all talking bout, but when I downloaded his tape on Apple Music Golden tears was this song. Now i pull up his tape on Tidal and it still say golden tears but got his first day out song playing.

  • K_balenciii Yaheard
    K_balenciii Yaheard


  • Sade McAlester
    Sade McAlester

    1:13 , YESSSS SIRRRRR🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲💕😩🥰

  • Kanyjah M
    Kanyjah M

    Y’all really be sleeping on him

  • stacy ihem
    stacy ihem


  • D. Price
    D. Price

    No nap dis nigga said 🔥🔥🔥

  • Brad

    I see what yu on 😭

  • SaneStiicks

    golf swing basics

  • 1be June
    1be June

    Bro no cap Is so hard

  • Alison Brie
    Alison Brie


  • Spidey Sosa ❶
    Spidey Sosa ❶

    0:47 I bet y’all missed them 2 punchlines

  • KyinPepper 2020
    KyinPepper 2020

    This song highly slept on💯😴

  • Queen Lajan
    Queen Lajan

    "I done died a thousand times " i felt that

  • kevin allen
    kevin allen

    i keeP A TEK , thats a WATCH & a 9 !!???🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Kyon Clark
      Kyon Clark

      man wtf dis niga the greatest

    • Deezydakid _
      Deezydakid _

      Honestly you snapped for catching that one. That shit went over my head 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • kevin allen
      kevin allen

      James white didn’t nobody catch that one

    • James white
      James white

      bro omg wtf

  • kannan k
    kannan k


  • Mekhi

    wtf why am I just hearing this now the one on Apple music is first day out

  • Plu

    Mhm I wonder who he’s idle was

    • Retro Show
      Retro Show


    • Retro Show
      Retro Show


    • Retro Show
      Retro Show

      Probably mc hammer

  • Maribeenraw

    Lyrically Goated🐐diverse asf🔥🔥

  • Devontay Andrews
    Devontay Andrews

    This the best song on the tape🔥🔥🔥🔥 Make a vid asap! On god💯💯💯

  • SaneStiicks

    you did something with this one 16 🦅📿

  • Sityonsum flyshitonly
    Sityonsum flyshitonly


  • Pats

    I’m living by the sea side but I’m so blind at times. 🔥

  • Ar'Quel Smith
    Ar'Quel Smith

    I could listen to dis bih alllll damn day 🔥🦅🐐

  • Tracy !! Wang
    Tracy !! Wang

    1:07 mad respect

    • J. HNTR
      J. HNTR

      i love when rappers have them anti rape bars

  • flameyola lava godd
    flameyola lava godd


  • Famous wes
    Famous wes

    But why it’s a whole different song on Apple Music tho 😂😂

    • Solocoreey

      Baller season gaming hell no this one is

    • Baller season gaming
      Baller season gaming

      The one on Apple Music is harder

    • Branden Scott
      Branden Scott

      He goated for that shii no kap 💯

    • Derrick Carter
      Derrick Carter

      bro i thought i was trippin 😭

  • Domo

    “I’m living by the sea(see)side but I’m so blind at times” 🦅🔥🔥🔥

  • Blezzy

    YOU PUT THE WRONG SONG ON ITUNES, the song still hard it’s juss different !!!!!!!!!

  • Grind Heavy
    Grind Heavy

    The hardest song out right now 🔥 🔥🔥 the world sleeping!!!

  • Kay Humble
    Kay Humble

    Why is it two different Golden Tears🤨

    • Solocoreey

      I was saying the same shit I thought I was trippin 😭

    • Domo

      Witness To Murder that’s why in the song on Apple Music he literally says at the end “it’s my first day” how are you going to tell me I seen it with my own eyes and other people did too

    • Domo

      Witness To Murder nigga no it wasn’t how are you going to tell me. When I downloaded the album right when it came out I literally saw it said first day out. It took like 3 days to change the name to golden tears.

    • Witness To Murder
      Witness To Murder

      Free Swerve Nah im sayin when the album came out the song was called golden tears whats yo instagram ill show u

    • Domo

      Witness To Murder bro the name of the song was first day out when it was first put on Apple Music. Then the name got changed to golden tears. He didn’t change the song. This song is only on IRbin it was never on Apple Music

  • Wata Whippa
    Wata Whippa

    Best track of 2020🙌🏼🗣💯 st8 gasery

  • 800jay

    They got the wrong song for this on Apple Music 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Edward Butler
    Edward Butler

    NoCap this song is 🔥

  • dmoneyひ

    The day no cap make a bad song ima smack my mother

  • Maybach 7wrld
    Maybach 7wrld


  • Jamal Davis
    Jamal Davis

    Im Literally Just Now Hearing This Song.. Why Is It Different On Apple Music ?

    • Rylynn Clinton
      Rylynn Clinton

      Jamal Davis First day Out

    • Jamal Davis
      Jamal Davis

      So What’s The Name Of The Other Song That It Was At First On Apple Music ?

  • Vontay Evans
    Vontay Evans

    “ I done died ah thousand times had to came back n cement all my life “ 🤦🏾‍♂️🔥🔥🔥

  • kash stokes
    kash stokes

    “I came back harder had to cement my whole life”🔋

  • Bobby Roberson jr
    Bobby Roberson jr

    Rip juice!!

    • Choppa Boy
      Choppa Boy


  • Sniperxbloopy YT
    Sniperxbloopy YT

    Good song to listen to 2020💯

  • GrizzleyWorld RP
    GrizzleyWorld RP

    Nocap has so many punchlines you can write a book nocap

  • Dark Lard
    Dark Lard

    Mannnnn this bih jammmm 🤦🏾‍♂️ I wish lil baby was on here 🤧🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Pbm Flamez
    Pbm Flamez

    I jus seen a demon cloud 😈☁️, one of the tears💧 gold✨ & da other one filled with fire 🔥 Omfggg yo stop playin with 🚫🧢

    • 36epc

      He said have you seen a demon cry

  • Sophisticated type Of black
    Sophisticated type Of black

    Pretty sure they change the name



  • Taliban Trell
    Taliban Trell

    Let me put y’all on 🔥🔥

  • Tory Ferguson
    Tory Ferguson

    The original golden tears way harder than this one🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Oronde

      ong i already kno wytb the one dats on apple music, this my first time hearin this golden tear

  • Hndrxx !
    Hndrxx !

    How come the one on Apple Music not the same as this one??

    • Derrick Carter
      Derrick Carter

      Kay Humble thanks

    • Kay Humble
      Kay Humble

      Delete it and download it again

  • Betty Acosta
    Betty Acosta

    No cap please do this video

  • Chef Boy RD
    Chef Boy RD

    We need dis next Bap 👌🏾

  • Space1TV .!.
    Space1TV .!.

    I feel Like Juice World inspired this one !?! lmk if im right CAP !

  • Triandis Johnson
    Triandis Johnson

    Golden tears is first day out on Apple Music

  • Snow Da Chinx
    Snow Da Chinx

    Fire !

  • Misfit Miner
    Misfit Miner

    “Turned my wounds into wisdom the pain came useful.” Real metaphysical Bars‼️

    • Jason Stanley
      Jason Stanley

      Bruh i ain’t even get to enjoy the damn song from geekin at yall niggas 😂😭

    • J Runna
      J Runna

      @Michael Hines you niggas funny asl

    • Ghetto Hip Hop Drop
      Ghetto Hip Hop Drop

      @Domo ayo im ctfu

    • Dre Master of Vibes
      Dre Master of Vibes

      FACTS !!!!!!!

    • Michael Hines
      Michael Hines

      Misfit Miner ,, True indeed but metaphorical sounds better lol 🖖🏼

  • Nate Archibald
    Nate Archibald

    U bout to start sum shit cap

  • Korrey Smokes
    Korrey Smokes

    Put this on Apple Music Nd take the other golden tears off

  • Korrey Smokes
    Korrey Smokes

    This song is not on Apple Music

  • ynwsl¡me

    I need the lyrics 🥶🥶



  • Malik Robbins
    Malik Robbins

    Best song on the tape omn

  • Max Sheridan
    Max Sheridan

    This a hidden song or sum??

  • Fearious Anderson
    Fearious Anderson

    Ok yea!! this the one!!!