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  • NoCap


    • Big Reese
      Big Reese

      You the young goat 🐐 an fawk that 👨‍👩‍👧🌲

    • lilbobby NFLG
      lilbobby NFLG

      Hit shit 🔥

    • Ohh Gee Famous
      Ohh Gee Famous

      This that , thank you fir sharing . We just need you in concerts man . Connect with your fan base .

    • Smoker's Couch TV
      Smoker's Couch TV

      1600 legend

    • Smoker's Couch TV
      Smoker's Couch TV

      I been waiting cap thanks the street doctor

  • 我 小 他 在
    我 小 他 在


    • 我 小 他 在
      我 小 他 在

      Like my shiii

  • LilAnt ThaYungin
    LilAnt ThaYungin

    I’m Sorry I Cant Change This The Only Nigga I Can Be

  • Among us Clips
    Among us Clips

    ion gaf what nobody say this shoulda went platinum

  • Tamomimo T
    Tamomimo T

    Nocap not human☠

  • J&J Gaming Studios
    J&J Gaming Studios

    steel human

  • cameron coleman
    cameron coleman

    music fire

  • bale hefner_24
    bale hefner_24

    tay600 reference😂😂

  • tyler kurt
    tyler kurt

    "Im with crips and im still gonna see em bleed" Damn G hits hard asf.

  • yungin thomas
    yungin thomas

    free cap 🔥

  • G Money
    G Money

    Gotta get Top on the remix🔥🔥🔥

  • Tahj 703
    Tahj 703

    Maybach outside trap house jumping 🔥

  • Toney White
    Toney White new music video

  • Sheluvsmear-


  • Dre Antoine
    Dre Antoine

    Whole album go hard no cap 🔥

  • Trent Jung
    Trent Jung

    This one kinda of slept on so I had to post it: Ima keep this 40 cal (Cali) I know the n***** envy (NV, Nevada) me. His second verse is all wordplay and this was no exception.

    • vBlessed

      U got this all wrong bro

  • Lockdowndman

    we got all the smoke you want welcome to no cap despinsery

  • Alesia Archie
    Alesia Archie


  • Lockdowndman

    most underrated rapper

  • Tyrese Robinson
    Tyrese Robinson

    I like the ninja turtle part of course

  • Evan Johannesen
    Evan Johannesen

    make a video for this song g

  • Gio Yeah
    Gio Yeah

    Can someone drop a clean version for this so I can put it as my graduation song ❤️❤️

  • X203X 2wice
    X203X 2wice

    "I'ma keep this 40 cal boy Ik these niggas envy me" fuccin bars🤦🏾‍♂️😈😈

  • lil Mally - Topic
    lil Mally - Topic

    i thought he was nba yb for a sec

  • Leon Mckoy
    Leon Mckoy

    Nocap too hard bro🔥🔥🔥

  • Roddie Huncho
    Roddie Huncho

    Do hear wtf bro was saying from 1:13 to 1:26 😈

  • wabayi dead
    wabayi dead

    This won't get old shit m jealous

  • Martin Gray
    Martin Gray

    gracias a CODERSMITH en Instagram por ayudarme a recuperar mi cuenta perdida. es super rápido, bueno y un hacker confiable. y lo amo por su trabajo

  • Jane Mark
    Jane Mark

    I strongly recommend * hacker_jeen * on telegram for verifying my Instagram account

  • Jane Mark
    Jane Mark

    I strongly recommend * hacker_jeen * on telegram for verifying my Instagram account

  • DatboiTrill

    Coldest song on the album cuhh big facts😭🐐🔥

  • J cartel
    J cartel my lil 2 song ep just dropped fucc with it💪🏾

  • Saint Hitz
    Saint Hitz

    I've listened to almost every song and it's a thrill!!!!

  • KJ Gaming
    KJ Gaming

    He so Underrated

  • Here Ban man
    Here Ban man


  • Blvd Beezy
    Blvd Beezy

    Geno killed that beat

  • Real Rap
    Real Rap

    The Song run bars simple .

  • Hizzy

    Who came from tiktok

    • Amori Drame
      Amori Drame

      nobody ❤️

  • Prod. By Tsunami
    Prod. By Tsunami

    “imma keep the 40 cal boy (147 calboy) i know these niggas envy me (the song)” 🔥

  • Devonte Mullins
    Devonte Mullins

    do you hear me 🗣

  • Todd Pepin
    Todd Pepin

    Bag bodies 😢

    • Todd Pepin
      Todd Pepin

      No one made it outta here

  • Tyler Philippe
    Tyler Philippe

    Had to stay up out the bank can’t name the last time I chased her! Like if you get it 💯

  • Anthony Welch
    Anthony Welch

    Shordie shordie had this beat first...🤔🤔🤔

  • Daniel Willson
    Daniel Willson

    I never believe my Instagram account got recovered all thanks to coder_nath7 for your excellent job

  • Daniel Willson
    Daniel Willson

    Wow my Instagram account got recovered all thanks to coder_nath7

  • ALI babba
    ALI babba

    “I’ma Keep this 40 Cal cause these niggas envy me” lmfao bro different

  • Kevon Lowks
    Kevon Lowks


  • JP_TV

    He need to make a video for this one

  • Jorden Max
    Jorden Max

    You da best my uncle loves your songs pls make more songs pls nocap

  • Eugenemelancon22 Melancon
    Eugenemelancon22 Melancon

    Kan Wait tell the video of dis

  • GrizzleyWorld RP
    GrizzleyWorld RP

    Nocap has so many punchlines you can write a book nocap

  • Official Hook
    Official Hook

    Yuuuuur 🔥


    My favorite artist I thought he wasn’t dropping again don’t let us down cap 🔥🔥🔥 hood legend

  • Melly Mel
    Melly Mel

    Do you hear me 💯

    • Melly Mel
      Melly Mel

      @Trent Jung facts he went dumb on them boys

    • Trent Jung
      Trent Jung

      In those bars before that he was sayin nobody is fuckin with him basically 👹bruh went demon mode on em

  • King Kane
    King Kane

    I hear YB on this.. remix would be fire 🔥


      Crazy ash

    • Yung Tre
      Yung Tre

      Hell nah

  • playya daayy
    playya daayy

    “Waitress opps imma leave em all with hollow tips”

    • Ocean View
      Ocean View

      They don't understand this one😂😂😂

  • joshuaa7655

    When does the deluxe drop ???

  • R C
    R C

    Best song 🙅🏾‍♂️🧢

  • Adub Beatz
    Adub Beatz

    We drop shells like ninja turtles 🐢🔫

  • Lamont Amiri
    Lamont Amiri

    Beat by ai geno where @??

  • Quade Vellacott
    Quade Vellacott

    NBA youngboy. I mean NoCap😂

    • Tone Steezy
      Tone Steezy

      I thought he sounded like yb on this too


    Here before bro blow up frfr🤙🏾💯

  • Chey Bethel
    Chey Bethel

    Whole mix tape 🔥 been waiting for you to get out to drop period ❤️🔓

  • Nfp Jc
    Nfp Jc


  • Brandon Coleman
    Brandon Coleman

    2:11 till the end 🤧🔥

  • Zach Beamz
    Zach Beamz


  • Jay Cole
    Jay Cole

    Y'all Ain't Catch This One " We Know This Street Money But Still Call This Shit A Bankroll"🔥🔥 This One Finna Go Over Alotta Heads

  • Wayne Lawrence
    Wayne Lawrence

    Why so underrated

  • Heartbroken _NXA
    Heartbroken _NXA

    1:26 you can hear juice wrld saying “can you hear me” 😔

    • eXe

      @DuffeyD People want to hear his voice.. they don't want anybody to rest.. They say Rest in peace but never ever let them rest fr..

    • DuffeyD

      Not juice

  • Jesse Jones
    Jesse Jones

    Ima keep this .40 “Calboy” I know these niggas “envy me” 😂🔥

  • Na Karma
    Na Karma

    Can somebody make a instrumental

  • Terrell A
    Terrell A

    “Imma keep dis 40 (cal-boy) I know these niggas envy me” he can’t miss😫

  • Fx Kacy
    Fx Kacy

    This shit hard

  • Zevulsion

    Before You Die You Gotta Live 💸

  • Jamar Nave
    Jamar Nave

    This Shit Hit Different 💯💯🔥🔥

  • Johnn Dang
    Johnn Dang

    Went up2k subs in a day??💪🏽🔥

  • Real Talk
    Real Talk


  • Tyrik Malone
    Tyrik Malone

    I can’t find one song I like. This a$$

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy


  • Elisa Haven
    Elisa Haven

    No Cap is back after a long time, he is a real talent. He ain't like all these other trappers out there who just be going viral by using *A U T H E N T I C V I E W S C O M* to get more views up to go viral. Thumbs up who love him

    • Like Meech
      Like Meech

      Don’t need to when u put out good music

    • Domo

      Wtf is up with these comments talkin about authentic views are these bots or something?

    • Goula Boys
      Goula Boys

      Not that long of a time

    • Goula Boys
      Goula Boys

      o k

  • Marcus Dennis
    Marcus Dennis

    crazy the views low cuz this the best song

  • Jameel Miggins
    Jameel Miggins

    This song so damn hard

  • G5Madethetrack


  • Corie Brown
    Corie Brown

    So no cap u going to ps5 😂😂😂

    • - KKH
      - KKH

      Not Xbox ex box like his ex’s box

  • Konan Henderson
    Konan Henderson

    The fukk?

  • Liyah Rackz
    Liyah Rackz


  • G5Madethetrack

    Yee Track 9 & 12 produced by me🗽 (Not this one)

  • ItsDoloTV

    “If I leave the game will my (ex) box love me”

  • If you’re reading this It’s too late
    If you’re reading this It’s too late

    Best song on the tape🤮🤮🤮🤮❤️🤝🤝🤝

  • Justin Dubose
    Justin Dubose

    Can’t stop playing this 💪🏿

  • Shykeem Lynn
    Shykeem Lynn

    I hang wit crips but I’m still go watch me bleed

  • Slime Lyfestyle
    Slime Lyfestyle

    Ima keep this 40 cal-boy i know these niggas envy me 🥶

  • CJ 4real
    CJ 4real

    Where don't deserve but I appreciate it

  • javien wengert
    javien wengert

    had to go ahead and download the whole album before hearing it cause ik im in the presence of greatness🔥💯🆑

  • Yoo Shoot
    Yoo Shoot

    Go to NoCaps comments and it’s quotes of the bars from the song 😭🔥

  • Domo

    Ima keep this .40 cal, boy I know they gon envy me 🦅🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • flee siahhh
      flee siahhh

      nigga so diff bro its crazyyy

  • Oh fr
    Oh fr

    Imma keep this 40 cal I know these niggas envy me

  • RX Huggs
    RX Huggs

    “i keep this 40 Cal boy (Calboy), i know these niggas ENVY ME” 😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥

    • zurik the king
      zurik the king


  • IamWhoIam Records.
    IamWhoIam Records.

    I can still leave the doors open killers wont touch nun

  • Brandon Doe
    Brandon Doe

    Favorite song 🔥🔥