NoCap - Joy-Den [Prod. By Jambo] [Official Audio]
NoCap - Joy-Den
Produced by Jambo
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  • Silas

    My favorite song by cap 💫💯

  • InMy Bag
    InMy Bag

    I don’t see how this don’t got a million easily one of his best singles

  • Martin H
    Martin H

    Start my mornings off with a blunt and this Jawn

  • Xan

    “Can’t talk on no Apple phone that shit ah get you Jacked. I’m not a serial(Cereal) Killer”

  • MBKACE Gottiten Tube
    MBKACE Gottiten Tube

    Most underwater Song No Cap eva made underrated artist

  • Greg Ortiz
    Greg Ortiz

    “Aint talking on no (Apple) (Phone) that shit’ll get you (Jack)ed, I’m not a (cereal) 🥣📲 killer” 😭🔥🔥

  • Sheloveme2x

    All I wanted was some “space” when I was in the “jam”

  • Lucas Smith
    Lucas Smith

    Ain’t Talking On No APPLE phone, that would get you JACK!! #AppleJack

  • Swrvin Benj
    Swrvin Benj

    “My nigga quick to hit ha lick he gat a tongue like ah lizard” 👅🦎

  • Swrvin Benj
    Swrvin Benj

    This shit so slept on 😴🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Gelo

    My nigga Always quick to hit a licc he got a thong like a lizard 🦎 -don’t let it go ova ya head🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jordan Tucker
    Jordan Tucker

    Drop this


    "gave my opp a bald head we had ta cancer that"🤚🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  • Kristian adkins
    Kristian adkins

    “give you a mcqueen if i catch you lacking (king and queen) 😳

  • Evo

    Goddamn Cap😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Drew Johnson
    Drew Johnson

    Greatest rapper alive

  • Zay Doeee
    Zay Doeee

    Free Cap Mane💯🗣

  • J Runna
    J Runna




  • Silas

    So with or without you im gone ball😤✅

  • Ricky Mendez
    Ricky Mendez

    Why isn’t this on spotify 😭

  • Black Mamba 24
    Black Mamba 24

    He deff gotta redo this and make it longer cuz this shit 🔥🔥


    This shit kame out in my birth month that's why I like it so much😂💯

  • OVision9000

    “Ain’t no way dat im RUNIN, it’s sticks on this SPRINTER van”🔥🥶 Like how they be in the Olympics with the pole jump.

  • Cam 10K
    Cam 10K

    most underrated song he got out💯

  • Saints Till1Die
    Saints Till1Die

    “Give my op a bald fade we gotta cancel dat “🖤📌

  • Nic2k-

    NoCap please put this on Apple Music

  • Solomon Doucet
    Solomon Doucet

    I’m mad this bih not at 70 M views by now dude rap too good fr

  • DuwapAMG

    Bra This Is No Cap Best Song .. Sad To See Many People Wont Enjoy It


    Put this on Apple Music already 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Santana

    The real 🐐

  • L Hood
    L Hood

    This one of NoCap underrated songs

  • tyshawn myers
    tyshawn myers

    "Ain't talking on no apple phone that shit get u jack"💯😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Dis ngga difference bro I swear

  • NoLimitt Ej
    NoLimitt Ej

    Still wondering how this not at a mil yet hardest out rn to me

  • Matt Servance
    Matt Servance

    surprised this ain't hit a million

  • Pizzyp

    When you puttin this on Apple Music😭

  • Jonathan Bettis
    Jonathan Bettis

    Yes referring to Lil Baby Go head my Shark cus I do owe these nixxas #LLCOTSLIM🦈🌎

  • Juju Rosales
    Juju Rosales

    Only 500k views???

  • Tracy Smith
    Tracy Smith

    Imagine if rylo and no cap wasn’t an artist bruh

  • Jordan Tucker
    Jordan Tucker

    This shit so hard 🤒

  • Lovely Queen
    Lovely Queen

    Keep ya head to the sky🌌 feet 🦶 on solid ground Joy wouldn’t feel so good if it wasn’t for pain🖤

  • EK Plug
    EK Plug

    Should of put this on Steel Human‼️

  • Roddie Huncho
    Roddie Huncho

    Aint talking on no apple phone that shit will get you jacked 😭😭 (apple jacks) omgg this nigga crazy

  • pesomario

    Cap so underrated it’s crazy

  • Lovely Queen
    Lovely Queen


  • Peter Gazer
    Peter Gazer

    Michael joyden

  • tajmere alford
    tajmere alford

    No cap put this on all platforms stop playin💯

  • YB KEL
    YB KEL


  • TheReal Cash
    TheReal Cash

    Bro cap we need this on iTunes aye imma need y’all 2like this so he can see this

  • Slendall

    Him & rylo best new duo

  • D Havior
    D Havior

    Bro I got scammed for 1500

  • Yung Foul
    Yung Foul

    my nigga quick to hit a lick🏃🏾‍♂️ ,,he got a tounge like a lizard 🦎 🔥

  • LewyBagz ENT.
    LewyBagz ENT.

    My glock pay half of the rent, I stay wit my pistol 🤯 Y’all prolly won’t catch that

  • Taykeith

    locked up in the cell it really wasn’t no joy-den

  • M Shap
    M Shap


  • supremedrippy

    This beat is majestic

  • dologeeked

    “Give my opp a bald head, we gotta cancer that”🏚

  • Santana

    Why is this song not on ALL platforms???

  • Santana

    All the way up 💫

  • pecky 2xhendrix
    pecky 2xhendrix

    we need this on apple music

  • Nolan Santiago
    Nolan Santiago

    “I’m ballin at the harriets I got pistols in my tubman” 🔥

  • Mathias Richardson
    Mathias Richardson

    If you dont fw nocap.... just means the bars goin over your head

  • DeRyan Austin
    DeRyan Austin

    That boy snapped

  • Just Do Right Beats
    Just Do Right Beats

    The most slept on artist 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jason Snowden
    Jason Snowden

    Bruh Nocap different breed 🦈🖤

  • pri

    happy yeen no cap ass nikka like rylo. yu drop yo shi

  • Rell & Shay
    Rell & Shay

    No other rappers has this type of flow

  • Cruz 574
    Cruz 574

    STEEL HUMAN 7/16. 2more days 🗽

  • n k
    n k

    why aint this on spotify mannnn

  • Chbbb Fhjnb
    Chbbb Fhjnb


  • Chbbb Fhjnb
    Chbbb Fhjnb


  • Xzavier Samilton
    Xzavier Samilton

    Youngest shark 🦈🦈

  • Famous M
    Famous M

    “Kill you in A-Mc(queens) if I catch you lac(king)”

  • Dontae Brown
    Dontae Brown

    This hard 🔥🔥

  • 304 Bandz
    304 Bandz

    No cap my favorite word

  • Headhuncho Music
    Headhuncho Music


  • kevo lewis
    kevo lewis

    I need a instrumental to this song

  • Tae Bray
    Tae Bray

    With or without you I’m gone ball 💯

  • dolph tiddies
    dolph tiddies

    This nigga better den Tupac

  • Kvng K
    Kvng K

    This song need more recognition

  • Backennds Burner
    Backennds Burner

    I don’t know how y’all missed that “ U THINK ITS COOL TO POST YO NUDES I KNOW YOU NOT MY ONLYFAN” 😂 that was crazy

  • henitywtf

    They needa put this on Apple Music

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss

    I believe everybody who sees this can do anything they believe and work for🤷🏽‍♂️💙

  • Yung Snow
    Yung Snow

    This is sum wayne shit

  • Darian Chatman
    Darian Chatman


  • Kenya 123
    Kenya 123

    Gotta luv how in tune he iz with his fanz its all love with no cap at any moment u just feel every verse 🙏

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      He need to stop using autotune. He’ll sound better without it.

  • Yankeefan 2009
    Yankeefan 2009

    All I wanted was some space in the jam ( space jam movie ) 😳 🔥

  • Don Dadaa
    Don Dadaa

    Ain’t talkin on no apple tht shitt get u jack🗣

  • Jared Jenkins
    Jared Jenkins

    Nocap heals me no cap no pun intended

  • Mustafa Mohamud
    Mustafa Mohamud

    Goat 4ever ✊🏽🖤

  • KeyTheGoat


  • chding zuure
    chding zuure

    He’s like the best parts of baby and youngboy mixed w his own sound it’s so fire

  • Zay Max
    Zay Max

    No cap definitely be snapping 🔥y’all go check out my music won’t be disappointed ☹️🔥🔥⭐️🎤

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith

    Y’all gonna stop playing w NoCap!!🔥🔥

  • Kai Dabbin
    Kai Dabbin

    This ain’t a million views yet 🗣🗣🗣🗣🤯🤯🤯🤯😈

  • yaliso gioouy
    yaliso gioouy

    Been waiting for a new song lol I learned all the lyrics to suge night 😭

    • chding zuure
      chding zuure

      Ain't talkin' on no Apple phone, that shit'll get you jacked I'm not a serial killer 🔥

  • Madilyn Scott
    Madilyn Scott


  • Nkiz

    I Respect My Cougar Bitch I’m Always Calling Her Ma’am 🎶

  • huttio srreu
    huttio srreu

    He need to stop using autotune. He’ll sound better without it.

  • SoFlo Lando
    SoFlo Lando


    • yaliso gioouy
      yaliso gioouy

      Should make one called Scottie pimpin