NoCap - So Lost / No Promises [Official Music Video]
NoCap - So Lost / No Promises
Shot by @BMBFilms251
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  • Latrail Jones
    Latrail Jones

    Ceelow died that shit made me hit my knees a lil quiccer Southside of mobile 4 life I love ya lil kobe

  • Vigorous Uploading
    Vigorous Uploading

    "All these damm memories stillll haunt mee!"

  • Benjamin Barton
    Benjamin Barton

    I feel like Cap sitting in front of me talking to me

  • Nechi Foreign
    Nechi Foreign


  • S 300
    S 300

    So Lost So Lost So Lost 🗣🗣🗣🗣

  • Wydie Money
    Wydie Money

    Think smarter 🤲🏾

  • mal web
    mal web

    10Ms views??? cmon we gotta do it for cap 🦅💚💯

  • Brian Preston
    Brian Preston

    This ain’t the life that we wanted , this just what he give 💯

  • Brian Preston
    Brian Preston

    Shit so hard 🤦🏾‍♂️💯

  • Realli Russ
    Realli Russ

    “I’m still mad at all dem times i let dem n🤬 get off

  • Solo 369
    Solo 369

    Big Vibez 🤘🏾🔥💚

  • tah tah
    tah tah

    this guy is hurt

  • SuaveSmooth


  • Penny Crawford
    Penny Crawford


  • JuiceBeentrill

    I tried to run away from pain i just can't afford it 💯

  • Almighty Hog5
    Almighty Hog5

    Who still listening 2021?🔥

  • Nyles Walls
    Nyles Walls

    Drop this on Apple 😩🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Yodda Dee
    Yodda Dee

    Wats crazy is you can tell bra one-takes his songs😭

  • Denzel Washington
    Denzel Washington


  • Denzel Washington
    Denzel Washington


  • Bando Crawl
    Bando Crawl

    He drop mo hits then drake

  • LadyTriceAKAMiraclebaby Bankston
    LadyTriceAKAMiraclebaby Bankston

    Da back end child i say u touch my soul with this one right here. Helping a real Mother make it with these 5 babies err day i play a few of yo hits. Keep em coming we loving the Art its so beautiful. No Cap

  • Cornelius Smith
    Cornelius Smith

    Here in 2021!!!😤💪🏾💯

  • Boonies 808
    Boonies 808

    this is it

  • Tonio Pernell
    Tonio Pernell

    He a different sound for Alabama rt,he in my top 5 brua

  • All MoneyIn
    All MoneyIn

    Welcome to my life my life my life

  • Hardt Jr
    Hardt Jr

    This song makes a g cry

  • jeremiah Ousley
    jeremiah Ousley

    Free nocap 🙏🙏🙏

  • Seth Maggard
    Seth Maggard

    This my shit

  • Mac Bando
    Mac Bando

    Different level of pain

  • KiddSav GTO Exec
    KiddSav GTO Exec

    Tried to run away from pain I just can't avoid it felt that in my soul

  • Tara McKinley
    Tara McKinley

    He's such a lyricist and talented!💯💪‼️

  • Ryson Rivers
    Ryson Rivers

    This bih so hard boy

  • Angelo Perry
    Angelo Perry

    Love the beat, the flow, the whole song fire bro 🔥💪🏾💯

  • Meeko Hendrixx
    Meeko Hendrixx

    I listen to this jawn at least twice a week

  • Denis Skid
    Denis Skid

    Those jeans though..💥💥

  • Aramis Dennard
    Aramis Dennard

    This song the one 🤩

  • Undefeated Seem
    Undefeated Seem

    I’m done w drugs cap the pain reliever

  • youkno mee
    youkno mee

    3:28 am shit hittin different‼️🔥

  • nolimit

    Where he get them jeans

  • Kevin Mchale
    Kevin Mchale

    #FreeCap spit fire shitt🔥🔥🔥💚💚💚💯

    • Kevin Mchale
      Kevin Mchale

      Cap go way back #freenocap

  • Jaicelyn & Jaime world
    Jaicelyn & Jaime world

    free no cappppppppppppppp

  • Benjamin Emery
    Benjamin Emery

    This Is Art

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith


  • idk what I'm doing
    idk what I'm doing

    Welcome to my life~

  • idk what I'm doing
    idk what I'm doing


  • Corlund James
    Corlund James

    My life is ah movie call it devil recruiting

  • IC3 Grinds
    IC3 Grinds

    Free top Free ben10 Free baba N Free nocap

  • Cookie Beatz
    Cookie Beatz

    “God I know I’m living WRONG but I’m going get Right You” I’m tryin hard Fr NoCap no pun intended just rs trying to live right💯🙏🏼

  • KaiSlime

    Still listening to this in 2021😳

  • NASA Kush
    NASA Kush


  • Jon Tate
    Jon Tate


  • Shoddy N S G
    Shoddy N S G

    Damn .. 🥀

  • jibreel

    put this on apple music please. 😪

  • Fontonio Smith
    Fontonio Smith

    Free Cap🦅🦅🦅

  • blake mosby
    blake mosby

    If he not in your top 5 you crazy

  • Glo Sosa
    Glo Sosa

    Spotify dis!!!

  • Itz Logiic
    Itz Logiic

    U don’t need ur heart to live u just need ur pistol.

  • Shakeidria Arnold
    Shakeidria Arnold

    Cap on his ish..

  • Mark Navarro
    Mark Navarro

    I try to run away from pain I just can't afford it🗣🙏

  • Gwym dee 22shit
    Gwym dee 22shit

    Why this bit not on Apple Music

  • Isaac Bruister
    Isaac Bruister

    He sounds like he regrets getting signed if u know wat I takes to get a deal u understand

  • It’s Eden
    It’s Eden


  • Caleb Perry
    Caleb Perry

    I swear he made this song for me


    Felt this song no cap 😔🔥

  • Yona Bourquin
    Yona Bourquin

    Bro put it on Spotify plzzzz it’s been 5 month

  • Nicholas Fuller
    Nicholas Fuller

    “Hold on don’t lose it, I know you been through it. My life is a movie bc the devil recruiting!!!!!”

  • Pylot Tea
    Pylot Tea


  • Rafael P.
    Rafael P.

    bro why tf this still not on apple music?? this favorite song 😂💯

    • Rome Huncho
      Rome Huncho

      Exactly what I said

  • youngboy snippets
    youngboy snippets

    i tried ta run away from pain i just couldn’t afford it!

  • R3ll5

    I miss you via stephen I’m lost 😞💔 help me

  • getbaccty

    He to real for the industry that’s why he don’t get the recognition he deserve💯

    • keepflippin MoneyHungrybaby
      keepflippin MoneyHungrybaby


  • S O D Y ImHere
    S O D Y ImHere


  • Vlone thug
    Vlone thug


  • Raymond Medina
    Raymond Medina

    Smiled when it was stormy. Hated when It was clear

  • Teezy Kash
    Teezy Kash

    Realest Shit He Never Wrote

  • Desiree Collazo
    Desiree Collazo

    🌴 🌴🌴

  • Mazzi binz
    Mazzi binz

    When he said all them damn memories still haunt me I felt that on a whole other level #FREEKAP🦅

  • MarQualon Young
    MarQualon Young

    But in da meantime please protect yo lil nigga💯🦅👌🏾

  • Highland Park Vet
    Highland Park Vet

    U are a Artist just watch them niggas💪💪💪🗣🗣🗣💰💰💰💰

  • Roddy Ricch
    Roddy Ricch

    “But In The Mean (Time) Please Patek(Protect) Ya Lil Nigga, Stay Over (Watch) Over Me” After 7 Months Of Listening I Finally Heard This.😂🐐

    • Juju Rosales
      Juju Rosales

      Hard asf

  • Denari Poe /MC Raider
    Denari Poe /MC Raider

    Pray for NoCap and family members

  • Love Doctor
    Love Doctor

    God I know I'm living wrong I'm gone get right witcha, but I can't make no promises! Dude be touching a nigga soul!

  • J Oke
    J Oke

    Listen to this song everyday

  • Jarviino Tatum
    Jarviino Tatum

    Still listening in 2021? Or I’m in too deep🤔

  • BJ Messer
    BJ Messer

    I just shed a tear to this one RIP Raleigh #Legend

  • Lil Vulcano
    Lil Vulcano ✨

  • ᴋⷦrͬaͣnᴋⷦz_YT


  • Bligitz

    Just commenting to say that flannel and shirt from AskYurself just buying clothes and come across that and realized i saw NoCap wearing it

  • lsup710

    I tell her ima street nigga she say you an artist" 🔥🔥🔥 his momma trying to get him to have another perspective on life. Deep

  • Kishmere Wright
    Kishmere Wright

    Free Cap 💯🎸🐐

  • 2222dd2

    Sometimes i just wanna get away it gets stressful " they got all my birds ina cage they got feathers"

  • 2222dd2

    This shit hits every mf day any time any phase

  • Leedo Green
    Leedo Green

    god ik i’m living wrong imma get right witcha 💯

  • Angelo Perry
    Angelo Perry

    Love the beat and the lyrics. Fye shit 🔥🎶💪🏾🖤

  • Cevy music
    Cevy music

    God i know I'm living wrong ima get right witcha but in the mean time protect these lil brothers 🙏 let's take the N word away for good we better then that y'all.My brothers sound so much better we are not slaves anymore well mentally still using the N word let's brake those chains and be free.

  • Baby Goat Juan
    Baby Goat Juan

    I’m still mad about all them times I let them niggas get off

  • Mutiny

    Mobile al im from roger williams project so ik da pain behind all they music cant yall just hear it

  • Lawrence Willy
    Lawrence Willy

    I got

  • Rosecitytribe

    Felt every verse