NoCap - Steel Human Intro [Official Audio]
NoCap - Steel Human Intro
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  • NoCap


    • tiste gottabeonit
      tiste gottabeonit

      My idol

    • Tyasia Richardson
      Tyasia Richardson

      Y to in

    • Jake Furlong
      Jake Furlong What do you think of my new song?🔥🔥

    • 4am Official
      4am Official

      Too hard

    • Jim Moreno
      Jim Moreno


  • Jene Goat
    Jene Goat


  • Sleezo Porter
    Sleezo Porter


  • Too Fresh
    Too Fresh

    How did I just find him 🤦‍♂️

  • Lani Tv
    Lani Tv

    you the last person my brother listen to i will never stop listening to you

  • Free DDawg
    Free DDawg

    Free 🧢 💚

  • cameron coleman
    cameron coleman

    some of the best songs are by you

  • Keishon Davis
    Keishon Davis

    If u don’t see that nikka with me he an enemy 💯‼️‼️

  • Ollie Thorne
    Ollie Thorne

    Lean on me best on the album

  • Drew Johnson
    Drew Johnson

    Such a good song

  • Buggle Magnum
    Buggle Magnum

    The tracking on the fake 3d on the visual looks like shit. Song is trash just not even trying to write lyrics straight following trends, steel human sound like a great value iron man

  • Luh Wavey
    Luh Wavey

    Who still playin this in 2021

  • Bezzi

    this shit is fucking beautiful

  • pesomario


  • Vasilis Balomenos
    Vasilis Balomenos

    "He gon keep on going to jail if he don’t get out of Mobile" Hits different now #FreeCap

  • Gorrgrim

    god damn this shit is horrible lol

  • Never Rap Again
    Never Rap Again

    Him n Rylo better make up. Rodgerville 2 will be the greatest tape ever made

  • Trissy & Brooksy
    Trissy & Brooksy

    NoCap born legend.

  • Walt Blak
    Walt Blak

    If we gotta fix the problem we break da laws 🦅

  • y dokey
    y dokey

    On god he telling us something 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Tyrese Robinson
    Tyrese Robinson


  • Tywan Escobar
    Tywan Escobar

    Fuck It I’m Use To It I’m Riding By Myself😔

  • LilCj Kasino
    LilCj Kasino

    Who the producer ?

  • anime kidd
    anime kidd

    Did he say don’t get this shit twisted like a doorknob

  • Jake Furlong
    Jake Furlong What do you think of my new song?🔥🔥

  • Taylor ASMR
    Taylor ASMR

    my friend made this beat for him 🥰

    • Eric Johnson
      Eric Johnson

      i need the instrumental

  • 4am Official
    4am Official

    Loading my glock I gotta make it to tomorrow 🔥🔥

  • Playboy Slime
    Playboy Slime

    Who ever unlike this a hater

  • Randy Stubbs
    Randy Stubbs

    "If they want smoke then ima give them boyz a weed strand" cap sick

  • Tay Kashh
    Tay Kashh

    "Fuck it I’m use to it I’m riding by myself” felt that😔🖤



  • Alesia Archie
    Alesia Archie

    Love you

  • Lolita Fields
    Lolita Fields

    Lmao i seen somebody say why the beat song gotta be the shortest shit got me weak, plus i just got fired

  • Tyrese Robinson
    Tyrese Robinson

    O yeah 💯


  • Demarcus Grice.
    Demarcus Grice.

    If you don’t see that nigga with me then he a enemy...Nah Fr🔥💯

  • Never Rap Again
    Never Rap Again

    best on the tape

  • Cameron Grifin
    Cameron Grifin

    Aint no shelf for you cap.. You hall of fame all day my nigga ... on my dead homies your music brings me me to another atmosphere just great ass mucic that no other raper compares to .. hood spokesman with a lot of wit..Need more of you cuz

    • camron jackson
      camron jackson

      no fr this man music is jus its own breed 💯💯💯

  • 1be June
    1be June

    No cap so fucking hard

  • Sam.11k

    Who produced this i need a instrumental😳😳🔥🔥🔥

    • BeatsByWhiteBoy

      veno the builder

    • Eric Johnson
      Eric Johnson

      me too bruh

  • Jay G
    Jay G

    “Look at my eyes and see the ocean water yeaaaaaa”

  • Saint Hitz
    Saint Hitz

    That's cool. I get high on your flow ))


    he talk real shit

  • TaliciaHR

    Blesssed real recognise real 🎵🎶🎵🎶❤

  • BuyuBoidee

    Check my SoundCloud BuyuBoiDee 🕊

  • Ciz Lowry
    Ciz Lowry

    Fuck it I'm used to it I'm riding myself💔🖤

  • NCL Draco
    NCL Draco

    Hey everyone I am a rapper trying make it I live in Louisiana and I’m trying to make out of here I rap it would be a big help if you subscribe and listening to my music for me

  • Don Dada
    Don Dada

    No cap got the best beats

  • Don Dada
    Don Dada

    No cap and moneybag so underrated

  • sam Lil Gliz
    sam Lil Gliz


  • Jeremiah Peoples
    Jeremiah Peoples

    No cap is a Steel human but he steel human

  • Dominic Smith
    Dominic Smith


  • slimey li dude
    slimey li dude


  • Lisa BlaQ
    Lisa BlaQ

    Sound like lil baby

  • Sev Litty
    Sev Litty

    Still uh bust yo brain I got a good heart but dont get this shit here twisted like a doorknob 🦅

  • Jonas Gavin
    Jonas Gavin

    we wanted kobe aint dead

  • Gol Major
    Gol Major

    He underrated

  • Nathaniel Lewis
    Nathaniel Lewis

    Hardest intro ever

  • Jason Wheet
    Jason Wheet

    Slow this shit down u too hype. 🐚🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • GuwopForPresident 2016
    GuwopForPresident 2016

    Him n lil poppa needa do a tape

  • Avo official
    Avo official


  • NOML_dave

    Nice No Cap, Keep up the hard work.

  • Fezeka Nkosi
    Fezeka Nkosi


  • YLN Trey
    YLN Trey

    Best song on here

  • daniel suberu
    daniel suberu

    I’m going through pain still worried about everybody else 😒

    • LifewithKayyy


  • daniel suberu
    daniel suberu

    My fave on the album

  • Darrell Mydell
    Darrell Mydell

    He gone keep goin to jail if he don't get auto outta mobile

  • king jigzzy
    king jigzzy

    Fuck it I'm use to im riding by myself🔥💯

  • VenoTheBuilder

    Produced By Me 🔨 Instagram/Twitter - @VenoTheBuilder

  • Lajass Jordan
    Lajass Jordan

    🗣DONT STOP MAKING MUSIC‼️ You have real fans & Supporters‼️ I love youu🥰

  • Lajass Jordan
    Lajass Jordan

    “He put SLIM in every song that’s How I know he Miss his nigga”💔💔💔🖤 LongLiveSLIM🕊

  • Jay Mc
    Jay Mc

    Audiomack someone pls

  • Edin Avila Calix
    Edin Avila Calix

    He's SOOOOOOOOOO offbeat

  • Edin Avila Calix
    Edin Avila Calix

    He's SOOOOOOOOOO offbeat

  • Blaze the kidd Gaming
    Blaze the kidd Gaming

    Don’t get this shiit twisted like a doorknob 🙏🏽

  • Eric Elvira
    Eric Elvira

    Free nocap tha fast way

  • Pcity Skee
    Pcity Skee

    Maaaaaan dis tape fuccin crazy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🌊

  • Rodney Mims
    Rodney Mims

    Best Song On The Tape 💯

  • G5Madethetrack

    Track 9 & 12 produced by me🗽 (Not this one)

  • 365vk flakko
    365vk flakko

  • Gotti 2Ls
    Gotti 2Ls

    If you don’t see that nigga wit me, he a enemy‼️🤟🏾

  • Spriggs

    Me knowing he’ll blow up more and all these fake fans gonna come😔

    • Alex Rooks
      Alex Rooks

      Just appreciate his music while he here. Without fans his flame goes out

  • If you’re reading this It’s too late
    If you’re reading this It’s too late

    Did he just say “probably after steel human I’ll put my music on the shelf” 💔don’t do this cap

    • TheBakkendChild No Cap
      TheBakkendChild No Cap

      This had me in the first half😭

    • Lashad Jones
      Lashad Jones

      Lajass Jordan lmao

    • Lajass Jordan
      Lajass Jordan


  • T4ke0ff

    I need no cap and JayDaYoungan no cap🔥🔥👹

    • Derrick DaGoat
      Derrick DaGoat

      Jaydayoungan got one with Rylo

  • SheTooRxckless

    Don't Get This S Twisted Like A door knob🔥😖

    • SheTooRxckless

      @Angel Conde 😒No

    • Angel Conde
      Angel Conde

      Swear he said donut 🍩

  • yoDotDot

    rappers, tap in for dem hard beats 😈🔥 #upcomingproducer

  • Elizz Adrr
    Elizz Adrr

    who here from lil skies's ig story?

  • CJ 4real
    CJ 4real

    Where don't deserve but I appreciate it

  • D Real Luhchop Aka Luchoppa
    D Real Luhchop Aka Luchoppa

    Straight GASS 🔥💯🎧💥

  • Lil Ced
    Lil Ced

    Sometimes cap be alone he don’t won’t nobody with him , he put slim in every song that’s how i know he miss his nigga! But he gone keep on going to jail if he don’t get out of mobile ...and gone lie he kinda quiet 🤫 so ion know what he be on ❌🧢 🦅

  • UZI

    mannn i love nocap but dis album not it

  • Osman Imran
    Osman Imran

    Anyone else come from Lil Skies’ story?

  • Spidey Sosa ❶
    Spidey Sosa ❶

    “Don’t get this shit here twisted like a doorknob”

  • Scarlet Harmison
    Scarlet Harmison

    NoCap voice is pure sweat and sexy at the same time damn, he is going viral without using *Authentic Views Com* to get the views up. Thumbs up who agrees👍

  • I

    Why the best song gotta be the shortest 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣

    • Adventure Squad
      Adventure Squad


    • Becks B
      Becks B


    • J V
      J V

      @jordan uno fff

    • Ballin EZ
      Ballin EZ

      Rich criminals better

    • Amara King
      Amara King

      IM SAYING 😭🤣

  • I

    “If they want smoke then ima give dem boys a weed strain”🥶 💨

    • kevin charles
      kevin charles

      Fuck I'm just taking this part in hes the goat rn

  • Chbbb Fhjnb
    Chbbb Fhjnb


  • Dlo Gutta
    Dlo Gutta

    Bro Ik every album this nigga a whole vibe 💯💯❤️🐐

  • Beats by Keat
    Beats by Keat

    Man these r sum crazy visuals. Great song too🔥🔥👌🏻

  • Kimya sydnor
    Kimya sydnor

    he den did it again 🤞🏽

  • S S
    S S

    Pffff byjambo de la saca