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NoCap - Surgery
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  • Jon Tate
    Jon Tate


  • Gelo

    This for my yung niggas who’s in front the corner store it ain’t no safety no more 💯✍🏾

  • Leo guerrero
    Leo guerrero

    This was very insightful. I have been trying to research for vid that really educates the ideas in this IRbin vid! 👩‍⚕️ 👏 The explanation at 1:20 is super useful. Your vid for sure is similar to the videos of Dr. Ethan. His tips are actually educational and I actually learned a lot for my diet. He is an educational med student in Nottingham. Go watch his IRbin out and give Doctor Ethan a subscribe here! ➡️ #DoctorEthanStudent

  • Shotta Lil
    Shotta Lil

    “I was already walking on the moon high before Michael Jackson “ idk what it is but this line so dope to me

  • Veenie228

    Hello. This vid is really educational! I've been trying to look for a vid similar to yours that breaks down the ideas in this IRbin vid! 🧑🏻‍⚕️ 👌Your explanation reminds me of the vids from this educational health enthusiast Dr. Ethan. Dr Ethan's tips are totally insightful and I actually learned a lot for my studies. He is the most informative Doctor in Nottingham and he talks about vaccines. I suggest you watch his page out and give the medical student a like! 👉 #DrEthanCare

  • Drew Johnson
    Drew Johnson

    Such a good song

  • Felony Clown
    Felony Clown

    He sound like Travis Scott at 0:54

  • G T
    G T


  • Tmoneyy Dadon
    Tmoneyy Dadon

    Before lil top had signed a nigga I was walking with 38 racks

    • Tmoneyy Dadon
      Tmoneyy Dadon

      Mane a fckn genius

  • Rafael P.
    Rafael P.

    Very underrated song ❌🧢

  • Dj Marley Marv
    Dj Marley Marv


    • Dj Marley Marv
      Dj Marley Marv

      @Rafael P. bout to check it now.

    • Rafael P.
      Rafael P.

      Listen to green dot by nocap 🔥

    • Rafael P.
      Rafael P.

      @Dj Marley Marv ohh i thought you meant he copping someone lol hell yeah tho this my favorite song by him

    • Dj Marley Marv
      Dj Marley Marv

      @Rafael P. bopper as in a hit bro.

    • Rafael P.
      Rafael P.

      How tf

  • Davaughn Mason
    Davaughn Mason

    Damn hate being famous shackles on wrist and ankles gave you love then you leave all I wanted was thank you this one gun slayers this one gang bangers jail will never make me better time brought more anger- No cap. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • Zosak

    NoCap the best

  • Daniel Leonard
    Daniel Leonard

    “Jail will never make me better, time just brought more anger”😥😥😥

  • 4sUP

    What’s the song where it goes “sit down and we gone ride with each other, I can turn my cup a whole another color ”

  • Southside215 Macon
    Southside215 Macon

    Ppl don't know real music

  • Caelan Paige
    Caelan Paige

    jail will never make me better, time brought more anger

  • Alexjandr Escobar
    Alexjandr Escobar

    Good music..bhothers

  • Akeem Slugga
    Akeem Slugga

    Stepped in the game and gave it surgery🔥 no cap


    😳 soooo yb signed dude wtf I didn’t know this at all

    • Infamous

      2 yrs ago

  • andrei ardeleanu
    andrei ardeleanu

    Is that Busta on the artwork?

  • The Gatti
    The Gatti

    They sleep on the 🧢 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Eric Ratcliff
    Eric Ratcliff

    This should be at a million by now his best song on the album no cap different no cap 💯🔥🔥

    • Shorts By ShortZ
      Shorts By ShortZ

      Not his best song but the shit is fire 🔥

    • Haitianboy Drew
      Haitianboy Drew

      Facts this shit gas 💯nocap

    • Darnell Jr
      Darnell Jr


    • Fazon Flanegin
      Fazon Flanegin

      No cap

  • Alexis Solano940
    Alexis Solano940

    Jail never made me better , time braught me more anger

  • Ronta Henderson
    Ronta Henderson

    Gave you Love then you Leave !!! All I wanted was A Thank You ! Time Brought More Anger

  • PRhythmMusic



    I just came home from the can finna buy another Benz (beans)

  • Jacques Teague
    Jacques Teague

    I repeated this song at least 8× before I realized it


    I fw all his songs

  • Tenneil Bernard
    Tenneil Bernard

    Time brought more anger.

  • Maybach 7wrld
    Maybach 7wrld


  • Luh Zayy
    Luh Zayy

    I don’t (promote ) “violence” but I told em leave his (phone) while he “creepin”

  • Luh Zayy
    Luh Zayy

    This fa my young niggas who dien at them “corner” stores it ain’t no (safety) no more 💨💨

  • Yung Foul
    Yung Foul

    Breathe breathe breathe breathe breathe

  • FamJay

    the most slept on!!

  • Jay Zandos
    Jay Zandos

    The hood quarterback I put my nigga up in wide receiver 🔥💯

  • Gunplay Green
    Gunplay Green

    #No🧢👣🧠👀 really came out this body on this one 💯

  • Aj Surles
    Aj Surles

    So many emotions came out @ 1:08 no cap you the goat

  • Micheal Robinson
    Micheal Robinson

    Cap and gates on a track would be 🔥

  • Erik Campbell
    Erik Campbell


  • Jerry Michaud
    Jerry Michaud

    Jerry michaud boy 23

  • UrbaninkTt

    She want extensions, I got extensions under my gun!!

  • Kevon Lowks
    Kevon Lowks


  • ii ZorOden ii
    ii ZorOden ii

    Favorite sing NO KAP!! 🔥

  • ii ZorOden ii
    ii ZorOden ii

    Breath breath breath breath!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🗣🗣

  • Sade Breston
    Sade Breston

    If you’re reading this follow @cantdiebrokellc (no cap dope Af)

  • GrizzleyWorld RP
    GrizzleyWorld RP

    Nocap has so many punchlines you can write a book nocap

  • BaseHouse DUB DG
    BaseHouse DUB DG

    this like my go to song on this mixtape


    best song on the album

  • BaseHouse DUB DG
    BaseHouse DUB DG

    So am I the only one caught him saying he signed to NBA YOUNG BOY?

    • 2EazyTv

      Jasiri Bandele i meant to reply to the other dude my fault

    • Jasiri Bandele
      Jasiri Bandele

      @2EazyTv I already knew tht

    • 2EazyTv

      Jasiri Bandele he been signed to yb since a few months or so after he blew up rylo signed to baby and he signed to yb

    • Jasiri Bandele
      Jasiri Bandele

      Nah I heard it

  • Kilo G
    Kilo G

    This young shit hit different he from that souf went thru real pain talk that shit cap naw frfr

  • Eric Ratcliff
    Eric Ratcliff

    The hardest song on the album 🔥🔥🙏🏽

  • Stanley Stone
    Stanley Stone


  • Miguel Rodriquez
    Miguel Rodriquez

    No cap knows he on the come up real music 🐐🔥💯💪

  • Dee Harris
    Dee Harris

    NBA got YB, Quando, NoCap and 4PF got Lil baby, 42 Dugg, Rylo

    • Correll Adams
      Correll Adams

      @BIG10fr *La Reid got man man

    • BIG10fr

      4pf got Lil manman, Rylo, Noodah, 42 Dugg, Coldhearted

  • June Walker
    June Walker

    No one can beat the swag of NoCap, he is the only single person who never uses *A U T H E N T I C V I E W S C O M* to go out viral and get more views. Thumbs up who agrees

  • WeuS TehRol
    WeuS TehRol

    BEST TO EVA PUT ON HEADPHONES, LIKE HE GOT NOCAP - @teh.rol I'm getting a feature 1 day nocap Anxiety made my chest hurt when he said breathe ☝️😞

  • Carlon Oniel
    Carlon Oniel

    I didn’t even know he sign to YB

  • Em0tional Trapper
    Em0tional Trapper

    im tryna see NoCap do music videos to all these


    Talk that $hit young King🦅✊🏾🖤💯👌🏾

  • Fintan

    You can tell he wayne influenced. That breathing line remind me of dr. Carter

  • Aeri Edens
    Aeri Edens

    He’s signed to Yb?

    • Aeri Edens
      Aeri Edens

      WanyeSizzleVLOGS Damn shoutout that’s a good look for both of em Rondo & Yb gonna have to turn it up No Cap 🧢...I see him having traction like baby once he catch a couple that counting millions been on repeat

    • WanyeSizzleVLOGS

      Yep. He is currently signed to NBA Youngboy's "Never Broke Again" label.

  • Atomic X Smoke
    Atomic X Smoke

    The Savior We Needed ✊🏽🐐

  • SteveOfficial

    Cartier Glasses they see-thru , it’s like I bought em for no reason 🔥 🧠

  • SteveOfficial

    “Wtf you mean you ain’t heard of me”

    • Tmoneyy Dadon
      Tmoneyy Dadon

      My favorite part

  • gregstreet06

    Slept on ; beat is disgusting 🤒💿..

  • Zenny XO
    Zenny XO

    only real ones waiting for I-9 to react to album

  • Tryna Do Right
    Tryna Do Right

    I need a song NO CAP even if i gota pull up on your street

  • Da Finest
    Da Finest

    Music Video Me Plzzz 😎!

  • Ken Clay
    Ken Clay

    So youngboy signed NoCap ??

    • Gman Jr
      Gman Jr

      no cap signed to yb

    • Dankjhitt


  • Betti Alasady
    Betti Alasady

    Cold best song on this bihh

  • Jovayne Gardner
    Jovayne Gardner

    Before lil top have sign a nigga I was walking with 38 racks 🔥🔥

  • Tyrik Malone
    Tyrik Malone


  • Phizzle Gambino
    Phizzle Gambino

    Who Was Here Before A Million View👀

  • Tommy Jacobs
    Tommy Jacobs


  • Tommy Jacobs
    Tommy Jacobs


  • Levonte Sanders
    Levonte Sanders

    How here b4 a millon😁

  • Jamar

    Best song on the tape Nocap

  • Dom Suave
    Dom Suave

    Real fan 🙌🏾🙌🏾🤘🏾

  • JDL The Situation
    JDL The Situation

    Fire man🌋🌋🌋💪🏽💪🏽

  • Alfred Washington
    Alfred Washington

    Best song I heard so far on the tape 💯🤟

  • rodrick hood
    rodrick hood

    It drop tomorrow

  • Lil Bama
    Lil Bama

    Prichard Here

  • Actor_267


  • FB Melly
    FB Melly

    “Before lil top had signed a nigga I was walking with 38 racks”🔥 I was walking wit a pack no strap

  • Kendarius Gibson
    Kendarius Gibson


  • Professor Finessor
    Professor Finessor

    Young nigga end up dying it's not his fault ❤😩❤

  • Dalton Street baby
    Dalton Street baby

    Before Lil Top has signed a nigga I was walking with 38 racks 🔥🔥💚 #NBA #1600 🦅

  • Q

    FREE NO CAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • michael williams
    michael williams

    like fr

  • michael williams
    michael williams

    why this man got so many bars

  • michael williams
    michael williams

    god damn

  • Claudwensky Celestin
    Claudwensky Celestin

    I’ll say it again NoCap is sign with Atlantic & Rylo is sign with Lil baby

    • NoLimitHD

      Yeah signed through Atlantic through YB record label.. if that’s the case Rylo is signed to Capital/Motown and Quality Control.

  • Best Virtual Edits Video
    Best Virtual Edits Video

    U hard fr

  • Prod.BabyXeno

    if anyone need NoCap type beats, hmu on insta @prodbabyxeno

  • tyjahe

    “Fo lil top had signed a nigga I was walking round wit 38 racks”

  • DJ SirG
    DJ SirG

    Not impressed with this tape

    • DJ SirG
      DJ SirG

      Better the more I listen to it.

    • DJ SirG
      DJ SirG

      Because the backend child went too crazy. This one Ight. I expected more tho

    • Jt Shields
      Jt Shields

      ItzzJamar 😂😂😂😂

    • Jamar

      Wats wrong with it

  • Andrea Vilbrun
    Andrea Vilbrun

    Wtf you mean you aint heard of me ??? Stepped in da game and gave it surgery

  • Rafael P.
    Rafael P.

    best song on the tape !

  • Bando Drizzy
    Bando Drizzy