NoCap & Clever - Hold Back The River [Official Music Video]
NoCap & Clever - Hold Back the River
Shot by Karltin Bankz
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  • RLE Savage
    RLE Savage

    " Countin different money but we in the trap wit the same clothes " 💯

  • Zyaire Hutcherson
    Zyaire Hutcherson

    Who else thinks the only NOCAP version goes harder

  • Ryan Narcisse
    Ryan Narcisse

    Reminds me of my state. Miss Jersey

  • TurnAround Quan
    TurnAround Quan

    Clever a real 1 🐐💯

  • CameraClub USA
    CameraClub USA



    This bihh snap so hard bruh I swear on god

  • 90'Z BABIEZ
    90'Z BABIEZ

    You can just hear the pain in this song

  • OGF Midnight
    OGF Midnight

    The me all alone I feel abandoned 💨

  • Zach Beamz
    Zach Beamz

    No one will compare to clever. NOCAP will always be a GOATTTT. My boy already earned these stripes. LOVE TO YOU ALL

  • Mike Sanders
    Mike Sanders


  • Mike Sanders
    Mike Sanders


  • Chrisjana Seals
    Chrisjana Seals


  • mess mess
    mess mess

    Why do pple ignore the best songs? Real pain song ❤

  • Koda Capone
    Koda Capone

    Nocap and rod wave would be a good song

  • Tyrus Jones
    Tyrus Jones

    why is this just on youtube

  • S O D Y ImHere
    S O D Y ImHere


  • Popa Flocka
    Popa Flocka

    This need to drop

  • Phantom beatz
    Phantom beatz

    He low key look like YoungBoy mixed with kodak

  • Steve Austin
    Steve Austin

    Kinda sounds like Lil baby, but better

  • Clever Chris
    Clever Chris

    Thief - Ive been Clever since 1992 maine and a real MC! Check the verses! Cease and desist or pay me for the name you stole. Who gave you that name? Post Malone. Ill sue him to.

  • Jessaray Merriott
    Jessaray Merriott

    Shout out to josh Dotson love ur sister jessaray

  • James Thompson
    James Thompson

    why isnt this song on Apple music?

  • nine three
    nine three

    Where the grammy at nigga


    "we was catching footballs ...we grew older now we catchin cases" honestllyyyyy bruhhhhhh🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤚🏽🤚🏽 CAP MY FAVOITE RAPPER NOW FUCK TS😂😂😂😂 deeennn itsss the way clever came innnn oh my godddddddddd

  • Brian Jordan
    Brian Jordan

    Free no cap 🔥🔥

  • Hung Jack
    Hung Jack


  • Jamal Berry
    Jamal Berry

    The most peaceful places is a river or the ocean

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    They left us with open wounds 🪝

  • YK Cl
    YK Cl

    I can’t be the only one who thinks clever ruined this

  • big homie
    big homie

    Put this shit on Spotify bro...

  • CIA

    This man clever he’s voice is just fire.

  • Michael Perkins
    Michael Perkins

    Get it in Clever.. dope Vocals

  • Michael Perkins
    Michael Perkins

    Keep doing ya thing lil homie.. Rhode Island bumping some Alabama ish..

    • Michael Perkins
      Michael Perkins

      Free NoCap.

  • Scrappi Blaze
    Scrappi Blaze

    Swear This The Hardest Song💪🏽💪🏽🥀

  • Major

    My guy u too talented to be going to prison smh. Don't make dumb decisions or move smarter plan out better. Stop commiting crimes to get caught commit to get away.

  • BC Productions 21
    BC Productions 21

  • Tyson

    We don’t deserve this verse from Nocap

  • Tyson

    “Suicide ain't worth it, but u wanna get away like its a vacation” 🌧

  • Dinero Suarez
    Dinero Suarez

    Classic , they slid on this shit both of dem

  • Qwan 01
    Qwan 01

    Even when it ain’t working..gotta still make sure you pray ‼️

  • Fast Lane
    Fast Lane


  • Breaking Boundaries
    Breaking Boundaries

    ( Clever ) In the song I lost a friend he mentions the same highway and cross, I wanna know who was close to him that passed behind the wheel. Because I lost my father on a highway. My father was my best friend. Shit gets get everytime much love Clever. Thank you.

  • Kevin Gaskin
    Kevin Gaskin

    One of the best songs ive ever heard. Been almost a year since ive heard it.

  • Havier xo
    Havier xo


  • Havier xo
    Havier xo

    needs to be on apple music

  • XVL Quayvon
    XVL Quayvon

    Follow me on Twitter @Quayvon33 💯🖤🦅

  • Lift Left
    Lift Left

    We gave love first

  • LadiesLoveGhost

    Clever fucked it up I turn it off every time. ⏮

  • Omar Aly
    Omar Aly


  • Yams Cortez
    Yams Cortez

    This song soothes my soul .... 🤞🏽

  • Jamal Berry
    Jamal Berry

    Try to hold back the river but I got to overcome back the river truthful

  • Scott

    This shit Legendary af Better than all the industry shit

  • 4ortty

    the other beat was better

  • Jame Yung
    Jame Yung

    straight fire, both artists up next

  • Morgan Smitley
    Morgan Smitley


  • Jimmy Moon
    Jimmy Moon

    Damn bro he sound to much like post Malone

  • Flame

    Ma guy is so underrated

  • LouAnn Delano
    LouAnn Delano

    I love your music mane 💯🔥❤️

  • Sir Lord Richmond
    Sir Lord Richmond

    Shout out FBG Duck who brought me here . Rip Duck

  • nico bino
    nico bino

    Keven gates son

  • free deener
    free deener

    clever x no cap they both the hardest to come out of Alabama

  • Genahsyde 1syde
    Genahsyde 1syde

    No cap have some different type a bars swear

  • SmxkingAlone Beats
    SmxkingAlone Beats

    Most underrated duo. They always kill shit together

  • Bobby Barnes
    Bobby Barnes

    "We was catching footballs. We grew older then we started catchin cases" 🔥😤

  • Walt Blak
    Walt Blak


  • eileenxbear

    3:40 🖤

  • 4 X
    4 X

    Nocap never cap when it comes to rap🔥💯

  • Gregory Argyl
    Gregory Argyl

    my god clever!!! so deep!

  • The Lifee of Lexx
    The Lifee of Lexx

    Bruh NoCap Ass had me straight crying! 😭😍 shit go to hard gotta love Cap 💕

  • tyytiiana

    so underated ,,, so raw .

  • Kathy Fernandes
    Kathy Fernandes

    Where can I get a Clever Jean jacket or Clever Sweatshirt? Would def buy merch hopefully you come out with some soon

  • Cyril Hoffman
    Cyril Hoffman

    Uma inna buildn @legendarybarberc ig

  • Cyril Hoffman
    Cyril Hoffman


  • Damascus Winslow
    Damascus Winslow


  • Chancellor



  • John Elk
    John Elk

    The way he says footballs is both addictive and annoying.

  • Dane Boyer
    Dane Boyer

    I'd like to hear this without autotune

  • Lil D From Third Ward
    Lil D From Third Ward

    Was he talking about lotus from houston ?

  • i loveludipset
    i loveludipset

    white boy ate dat bih

  • FlyFosho

    No cap hard asf one of my fav rappers he too tuff fuck whoever say he not who want smoke

  • Speaker Bangerz
    Speaker Bangerz

    "We was catching footballs. We grew older then we start catching cases" 🔥🖤

    • U look Like a bug
      U look Like a bug

      ThaRapper 2N1 he was just saying it’s not cool

    • Mike Sanders
      Mike Sanders

      Overcame that i remember the soup I won’t let nothing stir me wrong! 💯

    • Mike Sanders
      Mike Sanders

      Smh frfr

    • D. Elo
      D. Elo

      That boy be wiggin don’t he 🤐🔥🔥🙏🏽

    • ThaRapper 2N1
      ThaRapper 2N1

      Something to brag about..

  • Cameron Workman
    Cameron Workman

    Too hard and y'all in Gulf Shores with it ⚡🌊✝️💪🏼 shit slap

  • Sleezy Key
    Sleezy Key

    Song hit different fucc with my music keep goin cap

  • Dalan Turner
    Dalan Turner

    I was here when he made his first song

  • S O D Y ImHere
    S O D Y ImHere

    No cap i feel your brother now is the time For all of us to come together that feel that shit something big gana happen an im trying be with all my real ones an some money when that shit pop i been rapping since i was lik13 before i went to Tyc but wat real gs didnt go young 100 reach out to me g IM SOLO DOLO ILL Ride with you forever till Eternity Im OMW 8302999770

  • PEPE The leaksta
    PEPE The leaksta

    This the first song I hear from him and it’s pretty good

  • jaylen hester
    jaylen hester

    You can tell that they fans of each other I love the chemistry 🧪

  • Decari Rountree
    Decari Rountree

    They needa tape together Nocap

  • Akeem Slugga
    Akeem Slugga

    Heard it before they remade and slowed it down

  • Taquana and Lil Juan
    Taquana and Lil Juan

    Anybody kno where I can download this song

  • John Bell
    John Bell

    Clever part is trash

  • King Croc
    King Croc

    fuck i missed this song because i was subbed to clever why couldnt i find this clever is the greatest of all time i can see him being another michael jackson case in terms of like tragedy/down-fall where he gets exposed for some whack ass shit and it ruins his character and he gets all this attention and stigma's attached to him haha. 2040 clever accused of raping dogs. mark my words lmao some shit

  • Garik Barkhudaryan
    Garik Barkhudaryan

    Drop this on all platforms wtf

  • Triston Broughton
    Triston Broughton

    might be one of his best songs .... no cap

  • Tyler Jewell
    Tyler Jewell

    I came here curious about how clever sounded on other songs. Lost intrest in one and gained in another. Dude can rap no cap.

  • Sentanyl3

    Man this song is so damn real. Love being from near where they from, I get it unfortunately

  • _ Yaboyrory2x
    _ Yaboyrory2x

    Ian talking scoliosis but let’s bring the real back

  • Qpac Graviti
    Qpac Graviti

    I love this 🤴 NoCap ❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Reaal Spazz
    Reaal Spazz

    put this on apple music please